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Chap. 2Sa 6:1-23. The Translation of the Ark to Mount Zion

= 1 Chronicles 13, 15, 16

This chapter records an important episode in David’s reign. After restoring the political unity of the nation, and consolidating it by the establishment of his new capital, his next care was to make that capital the centre of the national worship. With this object he prepared to convey thither the Ark, which had been left neglected at Kirjath-jearim since its return from Philistia (1Ch 13:3). But why did he not also bring the Tabernacle into Jerusalem, and place the Ark in it? The reason is perhaps to be found in the double high-priesthood which had arisen during the latter years of Saul’s reign. Abiathar officiated in David’s camp: Zadok, it would seem, ministered at Gibeon, whither the Tabernacle was removed in all probability after Saul’s massacre of the priests at Nob. For the present David may have found it wisest to recognise the two priests as of equal authority, and to acquiesce in the separation of the Tabernacle and the Ark, allowing Zadok to continue the sacrificial service at Gibeon (1Ch 16:40), while he established another service in Jerusalem before the Ark (1Ch 16:37).

2Sa 6:1-19 are the Haphtarah or lesson from the prophets appointed to be read in the synagogue in connexion with Lev 9:1 to Lev 11:47. The judgment upon Uzzah repeats the warning of the judgment upon Nadab and Abihu.

Psalms 101, 15, 68, 24, 132, should be studied as illustrating and supplementing the history. See Introd. Ch. VIII. p. 46.

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