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Ch. 22. David’s thanksgiving for deliverance from his enemies

This magnificent hymn is substantially identical with Psalms 18. The chief variations are pointed out in the notes, and some general remarks on the difference of the two texts will be found in Additional Note III., p. 235.

It was written, as the title indicates, when David’s triumphs over his enemies at home and abroad were still recent. Its composition may with much probability be assigned to the period of peace described in ch. 2Sa 7:1; but must be placed after Nathan’s visit, as 2Sa 22:51 seems clearly to refer to the great promise made through him. The free and joyous tone of the Psalm, and its bold expressions of conscious integrity, also point to the earlier years of David’s reign rather than the later, overclouded as these were by the fatal consequences of his sin.

This chapter is the Haphtarah or lesson from the prophets appointed to be read in the Synagogue on the Sabbath in conjunction with Deuteronomy 32 according to the ritual of the Sephardim or Spanish Jews, and also on the seventh day of the Passover.

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