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Ch. 2Sa 13:1-22. Amnon’s shameful outrage

This chapter relates how the doom pronounced on David’s house began to receive its fulfilment (1) by Amnon’s shameful outrage on Tamar, (2) by Absalom’s murder of Amnon in revenge for that outrage.

The events here related probably occurred soon after David’s marriage with Bath-sheba. See Introd. ch. IV. p. 26.

Dean Stanley points out how “the story, revolting as it is, has the interest of revealing to us the interior of the royal household beyond that of any other incident of those times. (1) The establishments of the princes. (2) The simplicity of the royal employments. (3) The dress of the princesses. (4) The relation of the king to the princesses and to the law.” Smith’s Dict. of the Bible, iii. 1433.

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