Verses of Genesis 39

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Ch. 39 (J.) Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

The story of Joseph is in this chapter resumed, in the J version, from Gen 37:35. In this version Joseph in Egypt is a slave who has been sold by his brethren to the Ishmaelites, and then by the Ishmaelites to an Egyptian of rank, whose name is not given. This Egyptian makes him the chief servant in his household. The Egyptian’s wife brings an accusation against Joseph for which the Egyptian commits him to prison.

In the present chapter the two versions of the Joseph narrative are harmonized by the Compiler giving to the Egyptian, who bought Joseph from “the Ishmaelites,” the name of Potiphar, to whom, according to E, “the Midianites” sold him in Gen 37:36.

1 6. Joseph’s prosperity.

7 20. The false accusation.

21 23. Joseph in prison.

Verses of Genesis 39

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