Verses of Genesis 38

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Ch. 38

The contents of this chapter are derived from J. The narrative forms an abrupt interruption of the Joseph story. The subject-matter is peculiarly unattractive; but the insertion of the section at this point is probably due to the desire to give prominence to the position of Judah among the sons of Jacob.

The story of Judah and Tamar conceivably resembles that of Simeon and Levi in chap. 34, and that of Reuben in Gen 35:21 f., in that it may be regarded as symbolizing tribal relations rather than as recording personal history. The daughter of Shua, the wife of Judah, is of Canaanite origin ( Gen 38:2-3). She represents the assimilation of Canaanite clans into the clans of the tribe of Judah. If this view be correct, then the primary object of the narrative is to preserve the tradition which connected leading families from the border races, e.g. Perez and Zerah ( Gen 38:29-30), with the great tribe of Judah. We may also possibly see a subordinate object in the record of the tradition of a pre-Mosaic origin for the institution of the levirate marriage.

1 11. Judah’s wife and three sons.

12 26. Tamar and Judah.

27 30. The birth of Perez and Zerah.

Verses of Genesis 38

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