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Ch. 36 (P.) The Generations of Esau

In this chapter are preserved traditions of great antiquarian interest relating to Edom, one of the races most nearly allied to Israel. After the burial of Isaac, the P narrative disposes of the “generations of Esau,” before dealing with “the generations of Jacob” (Gen 37:2).

The Edomites were an invading people who occupied the mountainous country of Seir. They subjugated the natives who were called Horites (Gen 14:6), and, while largely dispossessing them, also became fused with them by intermarriage and peaceful settlement; cf. Deu 2:12; Deu 2:22. The subjugation of the Horites by the Edomites presents a close parallel to that of the Canaanites by the Israelites.

The chapter falls into seven sections.

1 5. (1) Esau’s wives and children.

6 8. (2) Esau’s immigration into Seir.

9 14. (3) The genealogy of the sons of Esau.

15 19. (4) The tribal chiefs of Esau.

20 30. (5) The genealogy of the Horites and their chiefs.

31 39. (6) Kings of Edom.

40 43. (7) A supplementary list of Edomite chiefs.

The contents of this chapter are probably chiefly derived from P : but it is clear from the discrepancies in some of the names that various materials have been employed. It is natural to suppose that the compiler of this section enjoyed the privilege of access to Edomite documents.

1Ch 1:35-54 repeats, with some variations, and in an abbreviated form, the lists of names in Gen 36:4-5 ; Gen 36:11-13 ; Gen 36:20-28 ; Gen 36:31-43.

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