Verses of Genesis 15

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Ch. 15. The Covenant with Abram. (J, E.)

This chapter contains at least two slightly different narratives, which dealing with the same subject have been blended together. Thus Gen 15:1 ; Gen 15:5 speak of Abram in sleep, at night time, when the stars are visible: in Gen 15:12 ; Gen 15:17 we read of the sun going down, and afterwards, when the sun had set, of its becoming dark. In Gen 15:6, Abram’s faith is singled out for especial commendation. In Gen 15:8, Abram, in distress and doubt, asks for a sign. In Gen 15:13-16, is recorded an explicit promise of the occupation of the land of the Amorite. In Gen 15:17-18, the covenant is made, with a brief sentence containing a promise of the land. The probability is that we have here a combination of the two threads of prophetic narrative, which have been distinguished by scholars as (E) Elohist, or Ephraimite, and (J) Jehovist, or Judean. See Introduction.

Verses of Genesis 15

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