Verses of John 12


John 12:17 Commentary - Expository Notes with Practical Observations on the New Testament

Observe here, 1. How the multitude at Jerusalem came forth to meet Christ, when he was making his public entry into the city, hearing the fame of his miracles; For this cause the people also met him, for that they had heard that he had done this miracle.

Observe, 2. How amongst others who came forth to meet our Saviour, certain Greeks, or Gentile proselytes, who came up to worship in the outward court of the temple, apply themselves to Philip, that he would help them to a sight of Jesus. Sir, we would see Jesus. It is probable that this desire to see Christ, in these persons, proceeded from curiosity only.

But if it did produce true faith in them, we may hence infer, that a spiritual sight of Christ, by the discerning eye of a believer's faith, is the most glorious and consequently the most desirable sight in the world; and so must needs be, for it is a soul-ravishing, a soul-satisfying, a soul-transforming, and a soul-saving sight. This sight of Christ by faith will constrain a soul highly to admire, and greatly to commend him. It will incline a soul to chuse him, and cleave unto him, and will set a soul a longing for the full fruition and final enjoyment of him, Mine eyes have seen thy salvation; now let thy servant depart. Luk 2:29.

Observe lastly, How the envious Pharisees were galled, and cut to the heart, to see such a multitude both of Jews and Greeks, crowding out of the city, to meet Jesus in his triumphant entrance into the city. The Pharisees said, behold the world is gone after him.

Learn hence, That in the day of Christ's greatest solemnity and triumph, there will not be wanting some persons of such a cankered disposition, that they will neither rejoice themselves, nor can they endure that others should. This was the case of the wicked Pharisees here.

Verses of John 12


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