Luke 9:27 Commentary - Expository Notes with Practical Observations on the New Testament

There is a three-fold sense and interpretation of these words given by expositors.

1. Some refer the words to the times of the gospel after Christ's resurrection and ascension, when the gospel was propagated far and near, and the kingdom of God came with power.

Learn thence, that where the gospel is powerfully preached, and cheerfully obeyed, there Christ comes most gloriously in his kingdom.

2. Others understand these words of Christ's coming and exercising his kingly power in the destruction of Jerusalem, which some of the apostles then standing by lived to see.

3. Others (as most agreeable to the context) understand the words with reference to our Saviour's transfiguration; as if he had said, "Some of you, (meaning Peter, James, and John,) shall shortly see me upon Mount Tabor, and that in such splendor and glory, as shall be a preludium, a shadow and representation, of that glory which I shall appear in, when I shall come with power to judge the world at the great day."

And whereas our Saviour said not, there are some standing here which shall not die, but which shall not taste of death, until they have seen this glorious sight; this implies two things.

1. That after they had seen this transfiguration, they must taste of death as well as others.

2. That they should but taste of it, and no more.

From whence learn, 1. That the most renowned servants of Christ, for faith, holiness, and service, must at length, in God's appointed time, taste and have experience of death, as well as others.

3. That although they must taste, yet they shall but taste of death; they shall not drink of the dregs of that bitter cup; though they fall by the hand of death, yet shall they not be hurt by it, but in the very fall be victorious over it.

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