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Luke 8:22 Commentary - Expository Notes with Practical Observations on the New Testament

Here observe, 1. Our Saviour and his disciples no sooner put forth to sea, but difficulties attend them, and danger overtakes them; a tempest arose, and that ship was covered with waves that Christ himself was in with his disciples.

Learn hence, that the presence of Christ itself does not exempt his disciples and followers from trouble and danger. Here was a great tempest about the disciples' ears, though Christ himself was in their company.

Observe, 2. The posture our Saviour was in when this tempest arose: being wearied with the labors of the day, he was laid down to sleep; thereby showing himself to be truly and really man; and that he not only took upon him the human nature, but the infirmities of that nature also; he was subject to pain and weariness, to hunger and thirst.

Observe, 3. The disciples' application made to Christ: they awoke him with a sad outcry, Master, master, we perish; here was faith mixed with human frailty. They believed that he could save them, but being asleep, they concluded he must be awaken before he could save them; whereas, though his human nature was asleep, yet his divine nature neither slumbered nor slept.

Learn hence, that the prevalency of fear in a time of great and imminent danger, though it may evidence weakness of faith, yet it is no evidence of a total want of faith; in the midst of the disciples' fear, they believed Christ's power and ability to save them: Master, save us, we perish.

Observe, 4. A double rebuke given by our Saviour, 1. To the winds. 2. To the fears of his disciples.

Christ rebuked the winds, and instantly they were calm: when the sea was as furious as a mad-man, Christ with a single word calms it.

Learn thence, that the most raging winds and outrageous seas, cannot stand before the rebukes of Christ; Christ as God lays a law upon the most lawless creatures, even when they seem to act most lawlessly.

Observe farther, Christ rebukes his disciples' fears, and their want of faith: Why are ye fearfull? Where is your faith? No sooner was the storm up, but their fears were up, and their faith was down. They forgot that the lord-high-admiral of the ocean was now on board their ship, and were as much overset with their boisterous passions, as the ship was with tempestous winds; and accordingly, Christ rebukes the tempest within, before he calms the storm without; first he quickens their faith, then he quiets the seas.

Note from hence, that great faith in the habit may appear but little in act and exercise. The disciples' faith, in forsaking all and following Christ, was great faith; but in this present act their faith was weak through the prevalency of their fears.

Oh the imperfect composition of the best of saints! Faith and fear will take their turns, and act their several parts while we are here: before long our fears will be vanquished, and our faith swallowed up in vision, our hopes in fruition. Then shall we obey with vigor, praise with cheerfulness, love without measure, fear without torment, trust without despondency. Lord, strengthen our faith in the belief of this desirable happiness, and set our souls a longing for the full fruition and final enjoyment of it.

Verses of Luke 8


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