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Luke 11:21 Commentary - Expository Notes with Practical Observations on the New Testament

Our Saviour having sufficiently shown that he did not work his miracles by the power of the devil, he next informs the Pharisees from whence he had that power, even from God himself; accordingly he compares Satan to a strong man armed with weapons to defend his house; and himself clothed with divine power, he compares to one that is stronger than the strong man. So that the argument runs thus: the devil is very strong and powerful, and there is no power but only God's that is stronger than his: if, then says Christ, I were not assisted with a divine power, I could never cast out this strong man, who reigns in the bodies and souls of men, as in his house; for it must be a stronger than the strong man that shall bind Satan; and who is he but the God of strength?

Learn thence, that only Christ's divine power is superior to Satan's strength: he only can vanquish and overrule him at his pleasure, and drive him out of that possession, which he holds either in the bodies or souls of men: The strong man armed keeps the house, till a stronger than he comes upon him, and overcomes him. When the unclean spirit goeth out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none.

Note here,

1. That Satan is an unclean spirit, he hath lost his original purity, his holy nature in which he was created, and is by sin become universally sinful and impure; no means being allowed by God, for the purging of his filthy and impure nature; yea, he is a perfect enemy to purity and holiness; maligning all that love it, and would promote it.

2. That Satan is a restless and unquiet spirit; being cast out of heaven, he can rest no where; when he is either gone out of a man by policy, or cast out by power, he has no content or satisfaction, until he returns into a filthy heart, where he delights to be, as the swine in miry places.

3. That wicked and profane sinners have this unclean spirit dwelling in them: their hearts are Satan's house and habitation, and the lusts of pride and unbelief, malice and revenge, envy and hypocrisy, these are the garnishings and furniture of Satan's house. Man's heart was God's house by creation, it is now Satan's by usurpation and judiciary tradition.

4. That Satan by the preaching of the gospel, may seem to go out of persons, and they become sober and civilized; yet may he return again to his old habitation, and the latter end of that man be worse than the beginning.

Verses of Luke 11


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