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Verse 19

Is hewn down and cast into the fire; that is, is to be terribly destroyed. This expression, as well as all the other language which the Savior uses in respect to the end of those who persist in impenitence and sin, shows that he looked forward, not to their ultimate restoration to God and to happiness, but to their hopeless and final ruin. Thus, in Matthew 7:13, the broad way is represented as leading to destruction. In this case, the awful denunciation seems to be particularly applied to false teachers; to those, who, to please their hearers, or for any other unworthy motive, preach what they secretly know is not true. They are trees producing corrupt and poisonous fruits, and they are destined to be hewn down and cast into the fire.

Matthew 7:24-27. That is, the faith which manifests itself in obedience is the only faith which can save the soul. Our Savior changed ceremonial observances, but he gave new force and authority to moral law. The strictness of our obedience to this law, as Jesus illustrated and enforced it, is the test by which we are to judge of the true character of the faith which we profess to exercise.

Verses of Matthew 7


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