0.1. Contents - Bunyan Characters (Series I-IV) by Alexander Whyte


Bunyan Characters - First Series - Pilgrim's Progress Part 1

01. Introductory

02. Evangelist

03. Obstinate

04. Pliable

05. Help

06. Mr. Worldly Wiseman

07. Goodwill, the Gatekeeper

08. The Interpreter

09. Passion

10. Patience

11. Simple, Sloth, and Presumption

12. The Three Shining Ones at the Cross

13. Formalist and Hypocrisy

14. Timorous and Mistrust

15. Prudence

16. Charity

17. Shame

18. Talkative

19. Judge Hate-Good

20. Faithful in Vanity Fair

21. By-Ends

22. Giant Despair

23. Knowledge

24. Experience

25. Watchful

26. Sincere

Bunyan Characters '96 Second Series - Pilgrim's Progress Part 2

27. Ignorance

28. Little-Faith

29. The Flatterer

30. Atheist

31. Hopeful

32. Temporary

33. Secret

34. Mrs. Timorous

35. Mercy

36. Mr. Brisk

37. Mr. Skill

38. The Shepherd Boy

39. Old Honest

40. Mr. Fearing

41. Feeble Mind

42. Great-Heart

43. Mr. Ready-to-Halt

44. Valiant-for-Truth

45. Standfast

46. Madam Bubble

47. Gaius

48. Christian

49. Christiana

50. The Enchanted Ground

51. The Land of Beulah

52. The Swelling of Jordan

Bunyan Characters '96 Third Series '96 The Holy War

53. Holy War - The Book

54. The City of Mansoul and its Cinque Ports

55. Ear-Gate

56. Eye-Gate

57. The King's Palace

58. My Lord Willbewill

59. Self-Love

60. Old Mr. Prejudice, the Keeper of Ear-Gate, With His Sixty Deaf Men Under Him

61. Captain Anything

62. Clip-Promise

63. Stiff Mr. Loth-to-Stoop

64. That Varlet Ill-Pause, the Devil's Orator

65. Mr. Penny-Wise-and-Pound-Foolish, and Mr. Get-I'-The-Hundred-and-Lose-I'-The-Shire

66. The Devil's Last Card

67. Mr. Prywell

68. Young Captain Self-Deniel

69. Five Pickt Men

70. Mr. Desires-Awake

71. Mr. Wet-Eyes

72. Mr. Humble the Juryman, and Miss Humble-mind the Servant-Maid

73. Master Think-Well, the Late and Only Son of Old Mr. Meditation

74. Mr. God's-Peace, a Goodly Person, and a Sweet-Natured Gentleman

75. The Established Church of Mansoul, and Mr. Conscience One of Her Parish Ministers

76. A Fast Day in Mansoul

77. A Feast Day in Mansoul

78. Emmanuel's Livery

79. Mansoul's Magna Charta

80. Emmanuel's Last Charge to Mansoul - Concerning the Remainders of Sin in the Regenerate

Bunyan Characters '96 Fourth Series '96 Grace Abounding

81. I Never Went to School to Plato or Aristotle.

82. I Was Overrun With The Spirit Of Superstition.

83. Before I Had Dined I Shook the Sermon Out of my Mind.

84. Nay, I Never Thought of Christ, Nor Whether There Was One, Or No.

85. As For Paul's Epistles, I Could Not Away With Them.

86. Another Thing Was My Dancing.

87. I Came Where There Were Three or Four Poor Women, Sitting At A Door In The Sun, And Talking About the Things of God.

88. I Found That Ancient Christian to be a Good Man, but a Stranger to Much Combat with the Devil.

89. As For Secret Thoughts, I Took No Notice Of Them.

90. At This Time I Sat Under The Ministry Of Holy Mr. Gifford, Whose Doctrine, By Gods Grace, Was Much For My Stability.

91. And Now I Began to Look in the Bible with New Eyes and, Especially, The Epistles of the Apostle Paul. Were Sweet and Pleasant to Me.

92. Now Began I To Labour To Call Again Time That Was Past.

93. Especially This Word Faith Put Me To It.

94. The Guilt Of Sin Did Help Me Much

95. The Right Way To Take Off Guilt.

96. A Thousand Pounds For A Tear.

97. The Enmity That Is In Me To God.

98. One Day, As I Was Passing In The Field, Having Some Dashes On My Conscience, This Fell Upon My Soul: Thy Righteousness Is In Heaven.

99. The Most Fit Book For A Wounded Conscience.

100. Oh Many A Pull Hath My Heart Had With Satan For That Blessed Sixth Of John.

101. My Whole Soul Was Then In Every Word.

102. I Thought Now That Every One Had A Better Heart Than I Had, And I Could Have Changed Hearts With Anybody.

103. Counterfeit Holy.

104. Those Who Had Writ In Our Days, I Thought - But I Desire Them Now To Pardon Me - Had Writ Without Themselves Going Down Into The Deep.

105. Upon A Time I Was Somewhat Inclining To A Consumption.


107. When Comforting Time Was Come.

108. O Methought, Christ! Christ! Christ!

109. I Will In This Place Thrust In A Word Or Two Concerning My Preaching.

110. I Find To This Day Seven Abominations In My Heart.

111. Temptations, When We Meet Them At First, Are As The Lion That Roared Upon Samson. But If We Overcome Them, The Next Time We See Them, We Shall Find A Nest Of Honey Within Them.

112. The Philistines Understand Me Not.

Bunyan Characters (Series I-IV) by Alexander Whyte