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Doctrinal Theology

by Schmid

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Prefatory Material

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Chapter I. Of Theology in General.

'a7 2. Meaning of the terms, Natural and Revealed.

Chapter II

'a7 3. Religion, True and False.

Chapter III. Of the Source of Theology.

'a7 4. Revelation, - not Reason, nor Tradition.

'a7 5 Excursus. Concerning the Use of Reason in Theology.

Chapter Chapter IV. Of the Holy Scriptures.

'a7 6. Of the terms, Holy Scriptures and Inspiration.

'a7 7. The Attributes of the Holy Scriptures

'a7 8. (1.) Authority.

'a7 9. (2.) Perfection, or Sufficiency.

'a7 10. (3.) Perspicuity.

'a7 11. (4.) Efficacy.

'a7 12. Of the Canon and the Apocryphal Books.

Chapter V. Concerning the Articles of Faith and the Symbols of the Church.

'a7 13. What are Articles of Faith?

Part I. Of God.

Chapter I. Of God.

'a7 15. Preliminary Statement.

'a7 16. (1). The Certainty of the Divine Existence.

'a7 17. (2). The Essence of God.

'a7 18. (3.) The Attributes of God.

Chapter Chapter II. Of the Holy Trinity.

'a7 19. The Doctrine is a Mystery.

Chapter III. Of Creation.

'a7 20. Creation a Divine Work.

Chapter IV. Of Providence.

'a7 21. The Doctrine taught by both Reason and Revelation.

Chapter V. Of Angels.

'a7 22. When were they created?

Part II. Of Man.

Chapter I. Of the State of Integrity.

'a7 24. State of Integrity Defined.

Chapter II. Of the State of Corruption.

'a7 25. Of Sin in General

'a7 26. Man’s First Transgression, and the State thereby produced. viz., Original Sin.

'a7 27. Of Actual Sins.

'a7 28. The Freedom of the Will.

Part III. Of the Sources of Salvation.

Chapter I. Of the Benevolence of God towards Fallen Man.

'a7 30. Benevolence of God.

Note 13.

Chapter II. Of the Fraternal Redemption by Christ, as the Second Source of Salvation.

'a7 31. Statement of the Subject.

'a7 32. Of the Personal Union.

'a7 33. Continuation.

'a7 34. The Threefold Office of Christ.

'a7 36. The Sacerdotal Office.

'a7 37. The Regal Office.

'a7 38.

Chapter III. Of the Grace of the Holy Spirit in the Application of Redemption.

'a7 39. Preliminary Remarks.

'a7 40. The Agent, the Means, the Result.

'a7 41. I. Faith.

42. (2) Justification.

'a7 43. Concomitants and Consequences of Justifying Faith.

'a7 44. (1.) Vocation.

'a7 45. (2.) Illumination.

'a7 46. Regeneration and Conversion.

'a7 47. (4.) The Mystical Union.

'a7 48. (5.) Of Renovation.

'a7 49. Of Good Works.

Part IV. Of the Means of Grace.

Chapter I. Of the Word of God.

'a7 51. The Efficacy of the Word of God.

'a7 52. The Law and the Gospel.

Chapter II. Of the Sacraments.

'a7 53. Of the Sacraments in General.

'a7 54. Of Baptism.

'a7 55. (2.) The Lord’s Supper.

Chapter III. Of the Church.

'a7 56. Of the Church [1] in a Wider and a Narrower Sense.

'a7 57. The Church, Collective and Representative.

'a7 58. Of the Three Estates in the Church.

'a7 59. 1. Of the Ecclesiastical Estate, the Ministry.

'a7 60. 2. Of the Political Estate; [1] The Civil Authority.

'a7 61. 3. The Domestic Estate.

Part V. Of the Last Things.

'a7 62. Preliminary Statement.

'a7 63. (1.) Of Death.

'a7 64. (2.) Of the Resurrection of the Dead.

'a7 65. (3.) Of the Final Judgment.

'a7 66. (4.) Of the End of the World.

'a7 67. (5.) Of Eternal Damnation and Eternal Life.

Appendix I. Sketch of the Dogmaticians Cited.



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