01 - Chapter 01 - The Beginning of the Pentecostal Movement by Price Davies

Davies’ Pentecostal Movement: Chapter 1

The Beginning of the Pentecostal Movement in the Merthyr Borough by Davies, Price

I was brought up religiously from my childhood and attended the Sunday School and Meetings at Calvaria Welsh Presbeterian Chapel, Caeharris, Dowlais. I thank the Lord for knowledge of the Scriptures that I received at Calvaria in my youth. At the age of thirteen I was made a member and was baptized in the order of the Presbetarians which is sprinkling a few drops of water on the forehead. I was very earnest and conciencious and became a faithful attendant to all the meetings, passing my scriptural exams (arholiad) year after year and gaining a fair knowledge of the Word of God, the Bible.

When I was twenty three years of age, in the Autumn of 1904 with another young man from Dowlais Top named Ebeneser Walters, I went away to work at the Nixon’s Navigation Colliery, Mountain Ash. I transfered my Membership Letters from Calvaria Dowlais to Bethlehem Welsh Presbeterian Chapel Mountain Ash, and there also I was a faithful attendant at the Meetings. On Sunday Morning November 20th 1904, I went to the meeting as usual to hear the visiting minister preach his sermon, and not expecting anything different from the usual routine. But Oh, little did I think I was going to get the most surprising and amazing and wonderful experience of my whole life. The visiting minister went up to the pulpit to give out the hymn to commence the meeting, but instead of announcing the hymn he broke down to cry and wept and kept on weeping for some time. After a little while the deacons were all weeping too, and, before the meeting closed that morning the tears were running down all our cheeks under some strange sense of awe and the Presence of the Melting Power of the Holy Spirit of God. We had never seen or experienced anything like this before in all our life. The visiting minister had come straight from the meetings at Trecynon, Aberdare, where Evan Roberts had been having such wonderful meetings lasting all night until three, four, five, and even six-o-clock in the morning.

In the Sunday evening meeting at Bethlehem, the Minister told the congregation some of the wonderful things that were taking place at these meetings, and announced that Evan Roberts was coming to Mountain Ash the following Monday, November 21st 1904.

NOVEMBER 21st 1904

Wonderful day, the day of days for me.

Bethlehem Chapel Mountain Ash, with two other chapels in the town, were overcrowded early with people waiting and expecting some great and wonderful results; and what a wonderful and unforgettable meeting it was. Evan Roberts in the pulpit that night experience a very rare and exceptional time of liberty in the Lord to speak. He spoke for just over on and a half hours, the words simply flowing out, it was life indeed to listen and the congregation earnestly drinking and taking it all in. There in the gallery of Bethlehem Chapel that night I was one of fifty who were Gloriously and Wonderfully Saved. That night I passed from death to life (Joh 5:24), I was translated from the kingdom of Satan into the Kingdom of God’s Dear Son (Col 1:13) I passed from darkness to light (1Pe 2:9) His Marvelous Light, I was Born Again, Regenerated (1Pe 1:23) made a new creature (Creadur Newydd) in Christ Jesus. Justified by faith. Adopted into the family of God. Made a child of God. Halelujah. Praise God for Ever. Amen.

Oh how wonderful it all was, and has been ever since; getting more and more wonderful as the days and years have gone by Diolch Iddo. That night on the gallery I realized in the depths of my soul that Christ Died for me and His Blood washed my sins away.

The Beginning of the Pentecostal Movement by Price Davies