Join Bibles - Bibles

Bibles is a project that aims to recover and offer free Christian literary works that are in the public domain, creative commons or that are copyrighted and published with permission.

Bibles has been tokenized and now there is the possibility that anyone who identifies with our goals, can join and contribute to the project by purchasing copies of Bibles. Each copy represents an action and gives you co-ownership right to the domain, the source code and the content of the website (

You can buy one or more copies (NFTs) and according to the copies you have, you will have shares in Bibles. One million copies have been created representing one million shares, and each copy costs $ 2.20 (two dollars approximately).

You can buy the shares in:

The income from the sales of the shares will be used for the permanent maintenance of Bibles and to gradually enrich the library.

Once you have bought one or more copies or shares, you are the absolute owner of them, and you can sell them again when you want and at the price you see fit.

If you are going to buy more than one copy, you have to make an offer by clicking on Make offer.

We estimate that the price of copies or shares of Bibles will increase over time, so also, not only will you contribute to the project, but your contribution will also be an investment in the future.