About - Bibles

From many years back, I always wanted to create an application that is a useful tool for learning the Bible, and today, finally, after a long time, I was able to do it.

I love technology and digital programming, and also the study of biblical sciences. And I think that taking advantage of technology and digital programming for the study of the Bible is a great idea because it allows you to have access to a literary wealth that would otherwise be impossible.

I hope that in this application many find the literary resources they are looking for to expand their knowledge of the Bible. All the content I offer is free, is a comprehensive bibliographic compilation, and can be used for learning and biblical and theological training.

If you are interested in joining Bibles and contributing to the project you can read the following information: Join Bibles

Finally, I want to thank you for visiting Bibles and for reading these short lines, and if this application has been of benefit to you, I only ask you to give a prayer of thanks for my family, for me and my work.

David Lozano
Christmas 2021