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555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered




Chapter 1. Facts About the Bible

1. Who Wrote the Various Books in the Bible?

2. Inspiration of the Bible.

3. What Is Higher Criticism?

4. What Are the Proofs of Bible Authenticity?

5. Can We Find Any Reference to Christ in Contemporaneous Secular Writers?

6. Does the Bible Teach Science?

7. Why Should We Believe the Scriptures?

8. Has Bible History Been Substantiated?

9. Were the Gospels Written by the Men Whose

10. When Were the Gospels Written?

11. Curiosities of the Scriptures.

12. Symbols of Christ and Christianity

13. What Are the Sacred or, Symbolical Numbers?

14. Why It Seven Used More than Any Other

15. What Significance Attaches to the Frequent

16. Who Compiled the Old Testament?

17. What Are the Omitted Books of the Bible?

18. What Are the Famous Songs of the Bible?

19. Who Was the Author of Revelation?

Chapter 2. Old Testament Persons and Things

20. What Were the Meaning and Result of Abraham's Sacrifice?

21. Did Abraham See God in One of the Three Men Who Visited Him?

22. How Are We to Interpret the Miracle at Ajalon?

23. Did Adam and Eve Actually Eat Fruit, or is the Saying a Parable?

24. Was Adam a Red Man?

25. What Language Did Adam and Eve Speak?

26. What Became of Aaron's Rod?

27. What Was the Name of Cain's Wife?

28. Who Was David's Mother?

29. Who Named Eve?

30. Egypt Date of Great Famine in:

31. Egypt When Did Joseph Come to?

32. Ham: The First Negro.

33. Jacob Date of His Journey to Egypt:

34. How Many Walls Had Jerusalem?

35. What Is the Origin of the Name "Jew"?

36. Who Were the Kings of Judah in Succession ?

37. What Was Manna?

38. What Is the Meaning of "Mizpah"?

39. Who Was Moses'92 Ethiopian Wife?

40. What Became of Moses'92 Rod?

41. What Was the Name of Potiphar's Wife?

42. What Two Bible Chapters Are Alike?

43. Was Sarai a Relative of Abram?

44. What Is the Meaning of "Selah"?

45. What Was the Fate of Amalek?

46. Who Were Called "The Children of Lot"?

47. Who Were the Amorites?

48. Where Was the First Altar Built?

49. What Language Was Spoken at Babel?

50. What Was the Cause of the Babylonian Captivity?

51. Why Was God Angry With Balaam?

52. In What Language Was the Message on the Wall to Belshazzar Written?

53. What Are the Essential Facto About Cain?

54. How Many of the Children of Israel Entered Canaan?

55. What Was the Sin of the Canaanites?

56. Is It Possible to Approximate the Date of the Creation?

57. What Time Was Consumed in the Work of Creation?

58. Was David Justified in Ordering Solomon to Have Joab and Shimei Executed?

59. Were Daniel's Companions in the Lions' Den His Brothers?

60. Who Were King David's Wives?

61. Why Was David A Man After God's Own Heart"?

62. From Whom Were the Edomites Descended?

63. What Became of Elijah's Body?

64. Was There Rain Before the Flood?

65. What Was the Population of Earth Before and After the Flood?

66. Was the Rainbow Visible before the Flood?

67. How Soon After Adam's Fall Did Idolatry Begin?

68. What Is Known of the Hittites?

69. What Is Known of the Hivites?

70. Who Were the Ishmaelites?

71. When Did the Change in Jacob's Spiritual Nature Occur?

72. Did Jephthah Really Offer Up His Daughter Asa Sacrifice?

73. Why Do the Jews Face the East When Praying?

74. Will the Jews Be Restored to Palestine at Christ's Second Coming?

75. How Often Was Jerusalem Destroyed?

76. Why Was the Temple Built in Jerusalem?

77. Who Was Job?

78. Did God Give Job into the Hands of Satan to Be Tempted?

79. Did God "Blot Out" the Day on Which Job Was Born?

80. Are the Speeches of Job's Friends to Be Regarded as Inspired?

81. Is the Book of Job a Real History or a Dramatic Allegory?

82. Why Did 'the Wicked Kings of Judah Let Their Sons Pass through Fire?

83. Who Were the "Lost Tribes"?

84. What Secular Evidence Have We of the Fate of Lot's Wife?

85. Who and What Was Melchisedec?

86. Who Were the Moabites?

87. Why Did Moses Strike the Rock?

88. What Was the Dispute Over Moses' Body Between Michael and Satan?

89. Did Nebuchadnezzar Literally Eat Grass?

90. What Were the Dimensions and Material of Noah's Ark?

91. What Were the "Bitter Herbs" Used at the Passover?

92. Were the Patriarchs Really As Old As the Bible Record States?

93. Was Pharaoh Drowned in the Red Sea?

94. What Is Meant by "I Will Harden Pharaoh's Heart"?

95. If God "Hardened" Pharaoh's Heart, Was It Possible for Him to do Otherwise than He Did?

96. Who Were the Philistines?

97. Who Wrote the Book of Proverbs?

98. What Figure Is Conveyed by the Words "Rachel Weeping for Her Children"?

99. What Was the Width of the Red Sea at the Point Where Israel Crossed?

100. Whence Came the Queen of Sheba?

101. What Problems Did the Queen of Sheba Put to Prove the Wisdom of Solomon?

102. What Was the Sin of Saul l. Sam. 13:13, 14?

103. Why Were "Shepherds" an Abomination to the Egyptians?

104. Who Were the Sidonians?

105. What Is Known of Sodom Outside the Bible?

106. Can Any Spiritual Lesson Be Drawn from Solomon's Song?

107. Where Was the Twelfth Tribe at the Time of the Jewish Kings?

108. What Was the Real Sin of Uzzah?

109. Did the Witch at Endor Really Raise the Spirit of Samuel?

110. What Is the Real Meaning of the Visions Described by Zechariah?

Chapter 3. New Testament Persons and Things

111. How Was the Apostles' Creed Formulated?

112. Did John Write the Last Chapter of His Gospel?

113. What Were the Locusts That Became the Food of John the Baptist?

114. What Is Known of John's Birth and Early Training?

115. Was John the Baptist Sentenced to Death Before the Dance of Salome?

116. When Did John the Baptist Die ?

117. Was John the Baptist Elijah?

118. John the Baptist's Place in Prophecy.

119. Why Was Twelve the Number of the Apostles?

120. Have We a Historical Record of the Deaths of the Apostles?

121. If Paul Had Not Expected a Resurrection Would He Have Lived a Self-indulgent Life?

122. Is It Known Who Were Paul's Parents?

123. What Are the Dates of the Pauline Epistles?

124. What Do We Know of Paul's Personal Appearance?

125. What Was the Cause of the Dispute Between Peter and Paul at Antioch?

126. Was Paul Familiar with the Scriptures?

127. What Part Did Paul Have in the Stoning of Stephen?

128. Was Paul Ever Married?

129. What Were the Date of Paul's Missionary Journeys?

130. When Did Paul Go to Rome and How Long Did He Stay?

131. Did Paul Baptize?

132. Did Peter Go to Rome?

133. Was Peter Converted Before His Denial of Christ?

134. What Was Paul's "Thorn in the Flesh"?

135. For What Purpose Was Judas Chosen as a Disciple?

136. In What Sense Was Judas a Devil?

137. How Did Judas Die?

138. Was It Repentance or Remorse That Drove Judas to Suicide?

139. Were the Apostles Converted Before the Day of Pentecost?

140. Was the Gift of Tongues Retained by the Apostles Until Their Death?

141. Were Any of the Disciples Married?

142. Who Were the Essenes?

143. Who Were the Gentiles?

144. Who Were the Pharisees?

145. Who Were the Sadducees?

146. Who Were the Herodians?

147. What Is Known of the Early Life of the Author of the Epistle of James?

148. Was It a Whale That Swallowed Jonah?

149. Who Were the Karaites, or Readers?

150. How Long Did Lazarus Live After Being Raised from the Dead?

151. Who Was Lydia?

152. Was Mary, the Mother of Jesus, of the Tribe of Judah?

153. Who Were the Parents of Mary?

154. How Many Marys Are There in the Bible?

155. Who Are the Nestorians?

156. Who Were the Nicolaitanes?

Chapter 4. Words and Terms

157. What Significance Has the Word "Abba," as When It Precedes the Word "Father" ?

158. What Are We to Understand by the Battle of Armageddon, Referred to in Revelation?

159. What Is Meant by the "Prince of the Power of the Air"?

160. What Is the Baptism of Fire?

161. Have Automobiles and Airships Been the Subject of Biblical Prophecy?

162. What Is Meant by the "Beast and His Mark"?

163. How Was the Brazen Serpent a Type?

164. Were the Giants Mentioned in Gen 6:4 the Descendants of Angels, As Some Fanciful Interpreters Claim?

165. What Is Meant by "Casting Out Devils?"

166. What and Where Is the "Kingdom of God?"

167. What Is Being "Baptized Unto Death"?

168. In What Sense Is the Believer "In Christ"?

169. What Is It to Be "Risen with Christ"?

170. What Is the Bible Definition of a Christian?

171. Who Were the First Christians?

172. When Was the First "Church" So Called?

173. Who First Fixed the Date of Christmas Day on December 25th?

174. How Are We to Understand the Act of Creation?

175. What Is Demoniac Possession?

176. In What Sense Was Man Created in the Divine Likeness?

177. What Is Meant by the "Elect"?

178. What Is Meant by "Saved, Yet As by Fire"?

179. What Is Meant by "Strange Fire"?

180. What Was the Forbidden Fruit?

181. What Are the Spiritual Gifts?

182. What Is a "Generation''?

183. What Was the "Gift of Tongues"?

184. What Does "God's Image" Mean?

185. WhereDid theJews Getthe Name "Hebrews"?

186. What Was the "Heresies" of Apostolic Times?

187. What Is an Indulgence?

188. What Is Meant by "Because Thou Hast Left Thy First Love"?

189. How Did Satan Receive the Name "Lucifer"?

190. What Were the "Marks of the Lord Jesus" ?

191. Who Were the Magi?

192. What Did Paul Mean by "The Revelation of the Man of Sin"?

193. When Was the Sabbath Changed from the Seventh to the First Day of the Week?

194. What Is the Distinction between Sabbath, Sunday, and Lord's Day?

195. What Are We to Understand by the "Secret Place"?

196. Who Were the "Sleeping Saints"?

197. Who Are We to Understand by the "Spirits in Prison"?

198. What Does the Word "Spiritual" Really Mean?

199. What Was the Purpose of the "Tree of Knowledge"?

200. What Is Known Concerning the "Tree of Life"?

201. What is It to Be "Unequally Yoked"?

202. Who Are the "Witnesses" Who Surround the Believers?

Chapter 5. Jesus' Life and Death

203. Does the Doctrine of Jesus' Divinity Depend on the Miraculous Conception?

204. Was Christ Born in the Year 1 or in 5 B.C?

205. Is There a Real Conflict in the Evangelists' Genealogies of Christ?

206. Who Were the Brothers of Jesus?

207. Is There a Rational Explanation of the StarofBethlehem?

208. Did the Parents of Our Lord Take Him

209. How Could Jesus, Being Already Perfect, Increase in Wisdom?

210. How Old Was Jesus When He Began to Understand the Nature of His Mission?

211. Why Is Christ Described As a High Priest After the Order of Melchizedek?

212. As God, How Could Jesus be Weary, Hungry and Thirsty?

213. Why Was Jesus Baptized?

214. Did Christ Make Wine at the Cana Feast

215. What Was Jesus' First Sermon?

216. Did Christ Sing Any Hymns?

217. Was Jesus Really Tempted As We Are?

218. Could Jesus Sin?

219. Did Satan Own the Kingdoms Which He Offered in the Temptation?

220. What Became of the Nine Lepers Who

221. In What Kind of a Body Did Moses Appear at the Transfiguration?

222. Were There Two Anointments by Two Different Marys, She of Bethany and Mary Magdalene?

223. What Prayer Did Our Saviour Ask at the Last Supper?

224. Was Judas at the Institution of the Lord's Supper?

225. What Was the Value of the Thirty Pieces of Silver That Judas Received?

226. How Did the Sleeping Disciples Know What Word Jesus Uttered in the Garden ?

227. Who Was the "Certain Young Man" of Mar 14:51?

228. Was the Pain the Saviour Suffered on Calvary Physical or Mental?

229. Why Was the Inscription Used on the Cross "The King of the Jews"?

230. How Many Hours Was Jesus on the Cross?

231. At What Hour Did the Crucifixion Take Place?

232. Was Jesus Happy on His Way to the Cross?

233. Who Were the More Guilty of Christ's Death, the Jews or the Romans?

234. What Became of Pilate After He Judged Jesus?

235. Could Pilate Have Done Other than Condemn Jesus to Death?

236. Could Christ Have Come Down from the Cross?

237. How Many Appearances Are Recorded of Christ After His Resurrection?

238. Christ's Garments Where Did He Get Those Which He Wore when He Appeared to Mary on Resurrection Morn?

239. In What Body Did Jesus Appear After the Resurrection?

240. How Long Was Jesus in the Grave?

241. Did Jesus Die of a Broken Heart?

242. Why Did They Cast Lot for Christ's Garment?

243. Why Did Jesus After His Resurrection Say: "Touch Me Not"?

244. Was the Ascension in Human Form?

245. What Were the Characteristics of Jesus That Made Him So Worthy of Following?

246. Why Is Jesus Sometimes Called the Son

247. The Meaning of the Name "Jesus."

248. In What Language Did Christ Speak?

249. Why Have We Differing Versions of the Lord's Prayer?

250. Does Any Parallel to the Lord's Prayer Exist?

251. What Is Implied in Jesus' Words "See the

252. What Is Meant by "Poor in Spirit"?

253. Did Jesus Abrogate the Law?

254. What Is Meant by "Whosoever Therefore Shall Break One of These Least Commandments" ?

255. What Are We to Understand by "Lead Us Not into Temptation"?

256. Who Are the "Angels of the Little Ones'"?

257. What Is Meant by "The Children of the Kingdom Shall Be Cast Out into Outer Darkness"?

258. Whet IsMeant by "Let the Dead Bury Their Dead"?

259. Why Did Jesus Want the News of His Miracles Kept Quiet?

260. What Is Meant by "Who Is Able to Destroy Both Soul and Body in Hell"?

261. What Is Meant by "I Came Not to Send Peace, but a Sword"?

262. What Is Meant by "For I Am Come to Set a Man at Variance with His Father"?

263. What IsMeant by "This It Ellas Which Was to Come"?Mat 11:14.

264. What Are the "Idle Words" that Men Shall Give Account of?

265. What Are We to Understand by Christ's Parable of the Return of the Unclean Spirit?

266. What Are the Tares Mentioned in Mat 13:25?

267. What Was the Power Conferred on Peter by Christ's Commission of the Keys?

268. What Is Meant in Jesus' Advice "Turn to Him the Other Also"?

269. Who Are the People to Whom Christ Referred as Being "Joined Together of God"?

270. What Was the "Needle's Eye"?

271. What Is Meant by "A Rich Man Shall Hardly Enter the Kingdom of God"?

272. What Is the Parable of the Laborers Intended to Teach?Mat 20:1-6.

273. In the Parable of the Laborers What Is the Principle Taught?

274. How Are We to Interpret "The Son of Man Came Not to be Ministered Unto but to Minister"?

275. What Did Jesus Mean by Faith That Could Remove Mountains?

276. Was the Man without the WeddingGarment Harshly Dealt with?

277. Why Should We Call Jesus "Master"?

278. What Is Meant by "Heaven and Earth Shall Pass Away"?

279. What Is the Lesson of the Parable of the Talents?

280. Was the Story of the Rich Man and Las-

281. Did Jesus in Any of His Parables Make

282. What Is Meant by "New Wine in Old Bottles"?

283. What U Meant by Unto Them That Are without, All These Things Are Done in Parables"?

284. What Did Our Lord Mean When He Spoke of "The Mystery of the Kingdom''?

285. How Should We Interpret Jesus' Words "The Damsel Is Not Dead, but Sleepeth"?

286. What Kind of Baskets Were Used in the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes?

287. Who Was the Little Child That Jesus Took Up and Blessed?

288. What Did Jesus Mean by Saying "Why Callest Thou Me Good"?

289. Why Was the Fig Tree Blighted?

290. Was Christ Omniscient in the Flesh?

291. Does Christ's Admission that He Did Not Know the Time of the End Imply that He Was Not Divine?

292. If Christ Knew AU Things, Did He Not Know that Judas Was Not a True Believer?

293. What Are the Signs Which Jesus Said "Shall Follow Them That Believe"?

294. Why Did Jeans Say of John "He That Is Least in the Kingdom of God Is Greater than He"?

295. What Was the Special Value and Object of Jesus' Parables?

296. How Are We to Understand "Whosoever Hath, to Him Shall Be Given"?

297. Why Did Jesus Allow Evil Spirits to Enter the Herd of Swine?

298. What Did Jesus Mean by "Take No Thought for Your Life, What Ye Shall Eat, neither for Your Body What Ye Shall Put on"?

299. WhatIs Meant by Hating Father and Mother and Wife for Jesus' Sake?

300. What Was Meant by the "Ninety and Nine Just Persons Which Need No Repentance"?

301. What Were the "Husks That the Swine Did Eat"?

302. Who Is Represented by the "Elder Brother" in the Prodigal Parable?

303. What Did Our Lord Mean by Saying to Peter "When Thou Art Converted Strengthen Thy Brethren"?

304. What Is Meant by the "Impassable Gulf"?

305. What Classes of Mankind Did Dives and Lazarus Represent?

306. What Is Meant by "Easier for Heaven and Earth to Pass, than One Tittle of the Law to Fail"?

307. What Is Meant by "Making Friends of the Mammon of Unrighteousness"?

308. When Jesus Asked: "Woman, What Have I to Do with Thee?" Was He Ungracious to His Mother?

309. How Are We to Understand the Phrase: "The Zeal of Thine House Hath Eaten Me Up"?

310. What Is Meant by "Except a Man Be Born of Water and of the Spirit"?

311. What Is the "New Birth"?

312. What Is the "Witness of the Spirit"?

313. In What Sense Is Meekness a Virtue?

314. Why Did Jesus Give an Evasive Answer to the Question "Who Art Thou"?

315. What Were the "Greater Works" to Which

316. Do Public Prayers Violate Christ's Injunction to Enter into the Closet When We Pray?

317. What Did Christ Refer to When He Asked Peter Whether He Loved Him More than These?

318. What Did Jesus Mean by "If I Will that He Tarry tillI Come"?

319. What Is the Lesson Conveyed in the Passage on Foot washing in Joh 13:10?

320. Are the Verses "For God So Loved the World,' Etc, the Words of Christ or John?

321. How Should We Interpret "Take No Thought for the Morrow"?

322. Who Are the "False Prophets in Sheep's Clothing"?

323. What Is the Parable of the Ten Virgins Intended to Teach?

324. What Is Meant to Be Taught by the Case of the Evil Spirit Which Brought into the Unguarded Heart "Seven Other Spirits More Wicked than Himself"?

325. What Are We to Understand by "Many Are Called, but Few Are Chosen"?

326. Why Did Jesus Tell His Disciples to Buy Swords?

327. Was There Heartlessness in Jesus' Words: "Let the Dead Bury Their Dead"?

328. In What Sense Is "The Kingdom of God Is within You"?

329. What Is the "Sin Unto Death"?

330. What Is to Be Understood by Putting "New Cloth on Old Garment"?

331. Did an Angel Actually Come Down and Disturb the Pool at Bethesda?

Chapter 6. A Christian's Problems

332. Is Being Killed in an Accident a Punishment?

333. Should We Endure Uncongenial Association?

334. How Can One Have Absolute Assurance of Forgiveness of Sin?

335. Was the Atonement an Old Testament Belief?

336. Is the Efficacy of the Atonement Limited to Those Who Accept It?

337. Is Celibacy Commanded in the Bible?

338. How Far May People Be Compelled to Accept Christianity?

339. What b a Spiritual Church?

340. Will the Whole World Be Converted Before the Second Coming?

341. Does the Role Laid Down by Jam 2:10 Imply that All Crimes Are Equal in Guilt?

342. Why Did Paul Advise Timothy to Drink

343. Can Evil Emanate from God?

344. Does God Choose People for Destruction?

345. Does Satan Interfere with God's Children?

346. What Was the "Sentence of the Serpent"?

347. Who Created the Devil?

348. Are We As Christians Bound to Keep the Ten Commandments?

349. Is the Backslider's Case Hopeless?

350. Is There Any Hope for the Backslider?

351. Does Every Good Thing Come from God?

352. Why Do Some Passages of the New Testament Use the Neuter Pronoun in Referring to the Holy Spirit?

353. Will the Jews Ever Return to Palestine?

354. la Justification the Same Under the Old and New Dispensations?

355. How Can the Kingdom of God Be Established before the Judgment Day?

356. Can a Christian Keep the Moral Law?

357. Does the Bible Say Anything About Life Insurance?

358. Is the Love of God towards Man to Be Interpreted Individually?

359. Does God Work Miracles at the Present Time?

360. Did Paul Discourage Marriage?

361. What Has the Bible to Say About Marriage and Divorce?

362. Does God Approve of the Marriage of an Unbeliever to a Believer?

363. la It Possible that the Miracle of the Incarnation May Be Repeated?

364. What Is the "Call" to the Ministry?

365. What Are the Qualifications of a Minister?

366. How Long Have We Had a Trained Ministry?

367. Is Misfortune a "Judgment of God"?

368. Has a Man Two Natures?

369. Will the Negroes Be Saved?

370. Do the Pauline Epistles Contain All that Is Essential to Salvation?

371. Why Was Polygamy Allowed to the Patriarchs and Why Is It Wrong Now?

372. Does God Answer Prayers?

373. Do Prayers for the Unconverted Help?

374. Should We Pray for One from Whom the Holy Ghost Has Departed?

375. Should We Persistently Ask for Blessings?

376. Is It Right to Ask for Definite Blessings?

377. Why Should We Agree with Our Adversary Quickly?

378. Will God Give Us Anything We Ask?

379. Does God Regard Our "Little Things'94 in Prayer?

380. Does God Hear the Prayer of the Wicked?

381. Was the Prohibition against Eating Pork Ever Revoked?

382. When and Why Was the Sabbath Changed to the First Day of the Week?

383. Is Suicide Wrong?

384. Is Being Tempted a Sin?

385. What Is the Trinity; How Is It Possible; and What Proof Is There of It?

386. Is Trouble Sent As a Punishment?

387. Why Does Not God Save All the Human Race?

388. Can an Honest, Moral, Upright Life Save Any One?

389. Is It Possible for One to Be Saved without Knowing; It?

390. What Is Meant by Transfiguration?

391. What Is Transubstantiation?

392. Can a Wealthy Business Man Be a Practical Christian?

393. Is Wealth an Evil or a Blessing?

394. How Do I Know That I Am Saved?

395. Why la It Wrong to Harbor Angry Feelings?

Chapter 7. Christian Living

396. Can One Be Converted and Saved without Baptism?

397. Can a Person Become a Christian without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

398. What la the Examination Necessary to Eating and Drinking Worthily at Communion?

399. Should All Believers Confess Christ?

400. Believing in Christ.What Does It Imply?

401. Should Believers Associate with Unbelievers?

402. Who Are the "Blessed" We So Often Read About in the Bible?

403. What Is Christian Conduct?

404. Is Joining the Church a Means of Salvation?

405. Does the Bible Urge Church Attendance ?

406. Is the Increase of Church Wealth and Worldly Resources to Be Regarded As a Healthy Spiritual Sign?

407. Is Confession a Christian Duty?

408. Is There Any Scriptural Authority for the Rite of Confirmation?

409. Is It Not Obligatory to Use Unleavened Bread at Communion?

410. What Is Conscience?

411. Does Conscience Ever Approve Anything That Is Wrong, if so, How Can It Be the Voice of God in the Soul?

412. Is the Voice of Conscience That of the Holy Spirit?

413. How Can Consecration Be Accomplished?

414. Is Conversion the Same as Regeneration?

415. How Is Conversion Accomplished?

416. Are Impure Thoughts a Sign of Non-Conversion?

417. Does the Bible Anywhere Prohibit Dancing?

418. Does God Send Disease?

419. How Can I Get Rid of Doubt?

420. Does a Truly Converted Person Have Evil Thoughts?

421. Is It Possible to Rid Oneself of Inherited Evil Tendencies?

422. What Does Faith Do for Us?

423. What Is Faith?

424. Is a Falsehood Ever Justifiable?

425. What Is the Effect of Forgiveness?

426. Is It Right to "Fear" God?

427. Why Was Not Foot-washing Kept Up as Well as the Lord's Supper?

428. Are We to Forgive the Wrongdoer if He Does Not Ask It?

429. In What Sense Is Godliness Profitable in This Life?

430. How Can We Grow in Grace?

431. What is "the Blessing of Giving"?

432. What Does "Loving God" Mean?

433. How May We "Reflect" God?

434. How Is One to Know that He Is Living Close to God?

435. What Does Adoption by God Involve?

436. What Is "Loving God" and What Does It Avail?

437. Why Should We Praise God and How Should We Do So?

438. What Is God's Pardon and to What Should It Lead?

439. What Is Meant by "Devotedness to God"?

440. Does God Communicate His Will in Any Other Way than by His Word?

441. What Is Grace?

442. Can the Church Heal by Faith Today?

443. How Can One Obtain a "New Heart"?

444. What Are the Consequences of Resisting the Holy Spirit?

445. In What Sense Is the Holy Spirit a Guide?

446. Should a Christian Be Joyful?

447. Is It Wrong to Judge Others?

448. Why Is Liberality to Be Commended?

449. How Does Christ Influence the Lives of Men?

450. Is Fasting Necessary to Christian Living?

451. Should a Christian Marry a Non-Christian?

452. How Can the Unbelieving Husband Be Sanctified by the Believing Wife?

453. Is It Possible to Be So Trained from Childhood Up that a "New Birth'94 Is Unnecessary?

454. Who Is My Neighbor?

455. Why and How Should We Lore Our Fellow Man?

456. In What Sense Is Our "Overcoming" Like That of Jesus?

457. What Should Be the Christian's Attitude toward Pleasures

458. How May I Pray Acceptably to God?

459. What Does Redemption Do for Us?

460. What Is Regeneration?

461. Is Regeneration Different from the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

462. Is Remorse a Discipline?

463. Where Is Restitution Taught?

464. Is It Right for a Christian to Retaliate?

465. Should the Christian Work for Reward?

466. Is a Saved Person Sure of His Salvation?

467. What Is the Christian's Duty as to Sabbath Observance?

468. What Is the True Theory as to Sunday Observance?

469. Is It Possible to Get Beyond God's Willingness and Power to Save?

470. What Is the Way of Salvation?

471. How, if God Worketh in Us, Must We Work Out Our Own Salvation?

472. How Are We to Accept Christ as Saviour?

473. How Is the Distinction to Be Made Between the False Shepherd and the True?

474. Does God Allow Satan to Punish Us with Sickness?

475. "Does Falling into Sin Prove that Conversion Has Not Yet Taken Place?"

476. If Past Sins Harass the Mind Is It Evidence that God Has Not Forgiven Them?

477. Are We Punished for Sins While Yet Here on Earth?

478. Does Willful Sin Exclude One from Pardon?

479. How Does Religion Help One to Get Over a Besetting Sin?

480. Are the Regenerate Sinless?

481. Are Children Punished for Parents' Sin?

482. Is Sinlessness Possible?

483. Is Every Sin Willful and Thus Every Backslider Doomed?

484. Are All Sins Pardonable?

485. Is the Unpardonable Sin Possible Today?

486. Is It Sinful to Do What One Considers Wrong although There Is No Wrong About It?

487. Is It Natural or Unnatural to Sin?

488. How May We Win Souls?

489. Is a Christian Justified in Suing to Recover a Loan?

490. Does Temptation Come from God?

491. Is It a Sin to Be Tempted?

492. What Are Tithes?

493. In What Sense Are We to Understand Scriptural "Inspiration"?

494. Did Jesus Baptize?

496. WhatIs the Bible Teaching about Usury?

497. How Can Christians Justify War?

498. Why Were Women Commended to Keep Silence in the Churches?

499. Is It Seemly to "Make a Gladsome Noise" in Worship?

500. What Precedent Does the Scripture Furnish for Solos, Duets and Choir Singing in Church?

Chapter 8. Texts, Familar and Other

501. What Is Conveyed in the Statement that "God Is No Respecter of Persons"?

502. In What Sense Is It True that "The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away"?

503. What Is Meant by the Passage "Seek Ye the Lord While He May Be Found"?

504. What Is the Parallel between Christ and Adam?

505. What Is Meant by "As Many as Were rdained to Eternal Life Believed"?

506. Did the Baptist Doubt Jesus' Messiahship?

507. What la Meant by "Bay the Truth and Sell It Not"?

508. Are Any by Nature "Children of God"?

509. Why Is There No Remission of Sin without the Shedding of Blood?

510. What Is Meant by "Crucify the Son of God Afresh"?

511. What Is Meant by "Laying Aside Every Weight"?

512. Why Did David Say He Had "Not Seen the Righteous Forsaken nor His Seed Begging Bread"?

513. Is It Possible for One to Be Over-rghteous ?

514. How Was the Term Saint First Applied to the Evangelists?

515. What Are We to Understand by "Time and Chains Happeneth to Them All"?

516. What Is Meant by "Cast Thy Bread Upon the Waters"?

517. What Does Paul Mean in Rom 5:7?

518. What Is Meant by "Where There Is No Vision the People Perish"?

519. What Is Meant by "All Things Work Together for Good to Them That Love God"?

520. How Can "One Vessel Be Chosen onto Honor and Another unto Dishonor"?

521. What Did Paul Mean by "Delivering" an Offender unto Satan?

522. What Is Meant by Showing "The Lord's Death till He Come"?

523. .What Did Paul Mean by "Caught Up to the Third Heaven"?

524. What Are We to Understand by "Work Out Your Own Salvation"?

525. What Is Meant by Being "Baptized with the Holy Spirit"?


526. Were the Jews Taught to Look Forward to a Heaven or Hell?

527. Did There Exist a Belief in Immortality before the Christian Era?

528. What Does "Damnation" Mean?

529. What of One Who Lives Nobly, yet Who Is Not a Christian?

530. What Is the "Second Death"?

531. What Does Death Do to the Body!

532. Will Our Resurrection Bodies Rise with Us on the Judgment Day?

533. Does a Person Go Directly to Heaven or Hell after Death?

534. If the Saved Go Directly to Heaven after Death, Why a Resurrection Followed by a Judgment Day?

535. Should a Christian Dread the Thought of a Hereafter?

536. Will More Souls Be Lost than Saved?

537. Shall We Know Each Other in the Future Life?

538. What Will Heaven Be Like?

539. Shall We Have Work to Do in Heaven?

540. .What of Wives and Husbands in Heaven?

541. How Can One Be Happy in Heaven if He Knows His Dear Ones Are Lost?

542. Shall We See God in Heaven?

543. Are There Degrees in Heaven?

544. Will Infants Be Saved?

545. What Will Be the Status of Infants in Heaven?

546. Will the Heathen Be Lost? What does Scripture teach on the Subject?

547. Does Not the Revelation of God's Love Make the Doctrine of Hell Incredible?

548. Is There Any Bible Warrant for Believing in Repentance after Death?

549. What Is the Paradise Which Jesus Promised the Repentant Thief?

550. Does the Soul Exist Apart from the Body after Death?

551. Will There Be a Millennium and What Will It Be Like?

552. Have Angels Wings?

553. What Is Meant By "a New Heaven and a New Earth"?

554. What Is to Be Understood by the Silence Mentioned in Rev 8:1?

555. What Becomes of the Soul in the Interval between Death and the Resurrection?

555 Difficult Bible Questions Answered