About us

In the midst of this rapid technological and digital development, we have had the vision of making the vast knowledge of the Scriptures available to everyone through technology. This is how Bibles was born, an unprecedented online platform that compiles hundreds of top-level Christian resources in one place.

Our mission is to facilitate the deep study of the Word of God and provide updated tools for the spiritual growth of believers of all denominations. Whether laypeople eager to nurture their faith, ministry leaders, seminary students, or biblical scholars, Bibles has invaluable resources to meet every need.

What sets us apart is the careful selection and licensing of content from the most reliable and respected sources. Our extensive virtual library includes:

  • Analytical Bible Commentaries by Renowned Scholars
  • Dictionaries and encyclopedias of theological terms
  • Reference resources on biblical stories, geography and cultures
  • Teaching and Training Materials for Ministries
  • Devotionals, thematic studies and practical guides
  • And multiple translations of the Holy Scriptures

With new materials added regularly, we strive to keep Bibles the most comprehensive and up-to-date digital repository of Christian resources.

We are excited to walk alongside you, harnessing technological advances to inspire deeper understanding and more faithful application of biblical truths to daily life. Join our online community of passionate students of the Word today.

David Lozano