A comprehensive collection that includes various versions of the Bible, biblical commentaries, biblical dictionaries, writings of the Church Fathers, Christian books, rabbinic sources, and much more.

The free version of Bibles resource is a powerful tool that includes a wide variety of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, patristic writings, and Christian books. It also offers useful tools for the study of biblical Hebrew and Greek.


The pro version of Bibles is not intended to replace the free version, but rather to complement it. It is another powerful study tool that includes a complete collection of rabbinical sources, which together with biblical commentaries and dictionaries, and patristic literature, sheds light on the biblical and theological meaning of each verse of the Bible.


The pro version of Bibles each commentary, dictionary, patristic writings, and rabbinic source is cross-referenced to every Bible verse, expanding biblical understanding and providing a cutting-edge methodology for study and research.

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